Francisca with tortillas

When one of her sons, Angel, was tragically involved in a hit and run, Francisca was left devastated and without any hope for the future. After being seen at the local hospital, all of the doctors agreed that Angel would never be able to walk again. Following the accident, with no job or food for her children, and medical bills piling up, Francisca fell into great depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. Nonetheless, Francisca did not stop praying for a miracle. After one year of Angel being in a wheelchair, one of Francisca’s prayers was answered when Angel started feeling his legs again and began walking!

Francisca's son selling tortillas

Francisca was so encouraged by this miracle that she continued praying for help to feed her children. Not long after, Francisca was told about the Garden of Love and Hope, and she immediately went to talk to our staff. In hearing Francisca’s story, we welcomed Angel and his younger brothers to the Garden of Love and Hope. In seeing the determination in Francisca’s heart to want to provide for her children, Footsteps came alongside her and provided the resources she needed to start a micro-enterprise making and selling tortillas. As a result, Francisca has been able to use the income from her micro-enterprise to buy food, clothes and rent a house. It has been absolutely beautiful to be a part of the way God is transforming the lives of Francisca and her sons.